Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policy
S&A Telephone Company (“Company”), has formulated this Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) in
order to provide for the responsible use of Company’s networks, systems, services, web sites and
products (collectively, the “Company Services”) by our customers and other users of the Company
Services (individually “User” and collectively “Users”), and to enable Company to provide Users
with secure, reliable and productive services. By using the Company Services, Users consent to be
bound by the terms of this Policy. Company reserves the right to modify this Policy in its discretion
at any time. Such modification will be effective when posted to the Company website or any successor URL(s). Users of Company Services should regularly
visit the web site and review this Policy to ensure that their activities conform to the most recent
version. In the event of a conflict between any subscriber or customer agreement and this Policy, the
terms of this Policy shall govern. Any use of the Company Services after such posting shall
constitute acceptance of such modification.
General Policy. The provisions of this Policy are not meant to be exhaustive. Generally, conduct that
violates law, regulation, or the accepted norms and ethics of the Internet community or the
community at large, whether or not expressly mentioned in this Policy, is prohibited. Company
reserves the right at all times to prohibit activities that damage Company’s commercial reputation
and goodwill or affect the quality of Company Services or Company’s ability to provide service.
Suspension; Termination. In order to preserve the integrity of Company’s Services, Company may
take action against a User, including the cancellation of User’s Internet service account, if User, or
anyone using User’s Company Services, violates this Policy, the terms and conditions for any
agreement, any law governing User’s conduct on the Internet, or the policies of any network accessed
through Company Services. Further, if User, or anyone using User’s Company Services, engages in
any conduct that interferes with Company Services or the use and enjoyment of the Internet by
others, User’s Internet service account also may be cancelled. If such conduct results in damages to
Company, User may be required to reimburse Company for all such damages, subject to a minimum
amount of $500.00. User may also be charged an activation fee or further deposits to reconnect a
suspended or terminated account.
Limitation of Responsibility. Through the Company Services User will use networks or access
information and other services that Company does not own or control. Company is not responsible in
any manner for the content or accuracy of information or services from sources that Company does
not control. Company reserves the right to remove or restrict access to any material that Company
believes is illegal, that may subject Company to liability, or that violates this Policy or any other
Company policy. If User has any questions regarding this Policy, User may contact Company at
[email protected]
Privacy. Company’ Privacy Statement is posted on Company’s website at Please refer to this Privacy Statement in connection with
Company’s policies concerning the privacy of customer information.

Prohibited Conduct.
A. In General. The Company Services must be used in a manner that is consistent with the intended
purposes of the Company Services and may be used only for lawful purposes. Users shall not use the
Company Services in order to: (a) transmit, distribute or store material in violation of any applicable
law or regulation, including export or encryption laws or regulations; (b) that may adversely affect
Company Services or other Company customers; or (c) that may expose Company to criminal or civil
liability. Users are prohibited from facilitating the violation of any part of this Policy, including, but
not limited to transmitting, distributing, or otherwise making available any product or service that
violates this Policy.
B. Inappropriate Content. Users shall not use the Company Services to post, transmit, distribute or
store any information or material, as reasonably determined by Company, that is inappropriate or
objectionable, obscene (including child pornography), offensive, indecent, defamatory, libelous,
threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, excessively violent or
otherwise inappropriate, regardless of whether this material or its dissemination is unlawful.
C. Intellectual Property. Material accessible through the Company Services may be subject to
protection under privacy, publicity, or other personal rights and intellectual property rights, including
but not limited to, copyrights and laws protecting patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other
proprietary information. Users shall not use the Company Services in any manner that would
infringe, dilute, misappropriate, or otherwise violate any such rights. If User uses a domain name in
connection with any of the Company Services, User must not use that domain name in violation of
the trademark, service mark, or other rights of any third party.
D. Harmful Content/Use. Users shall not use the Company Services to transmit, distribute or store
material that may be harmful to or interfere with Company Services or any third party’s networks,
systems, services, or web sites. Such prohibited harmful content includes, but is not limited to,
viruses, worms, or Trojan horses. Additionally, Company Services shall not be used to access or
interfere with any other person’s computer or computer system, software, or data without their
knowledge and consent; breach the security of another user; or attempt to circumvent the user
authentication or security of any host, network, or account. This includes, but is not limited to,
accessing data not intended for User, logging into or making use of a server or account User is not
expressly authorized to access, or probing the security of other hosts, networks, or accounts.
E. Fraudulent/Misleading Content. Users shall not use Company Services to transmit or distribute
material containing fraudulent offers for goods or services, or any advertising or promotional
materials that contain false, deceptive, or misleading statements, claims, or representations. In
addition, Users are prohibited from submitting any false or inaccurate data on any order form,
contract or online application, including the fraudulent use of credit cards.

F. E-mail and Unsolicited Messages. Users of Company Services may not: (a) send a harassing or
unwanted solicitation by e-mail; (b) send the same (or substantially similar) unsolicited e-mail
message to an excessive number of recipients (“Spamming”); (c) send multiple unwanted e-mail
messages to the same address, or send any e-mail that provokes a complaint to Company from the
recipient; (d) continue to send e-mail to a specific address after the recipient or Company has
requested User to stop such transmissions; (e) falsify User’s e-mail address, or any other
identification information, while using Company Services; (f) use e-mail to originate chain e-mails or
originate or forward pyramid-type schemes; (g) use a mail server to relay or intercept e-mail without
the express permission of the owner, or operate a mail server to relay or intercept e-mail; or (h) place
User’s website address, which User has hosted through Company, on unsolicited commercial
messages. Company reserves the right to cancel e-mail messages and/or restrict the size of e-mail
distribution lists. Newsgroup spamming also places an unnecessary burden on system resources.
Cross-posting the same (or a substantially similar) article to multiple Newsgroups is considered
Spamming and is prohibited. Company reserves the right to restrict access to any Newsgroups or
Internet Relay Chat (“IRC”) services. Many Newsgroups prohibit posting of commercial
advertisements or solicitations. User is required to comply with Newsgroup’s policies. User may not
use IRC bots, or violate any policy of an IRC server, when using Company Services, including use of
IRC-based telephony and videoconferencing. It is User’s responsibility to determine the acceptable
use policies for any IRC server to which User connects.
Third Party Rules. Users may have access through Company Services to search engines,
subscription Web services, chat areas, bulletin boards, Web pages, or other services that promulgate
rules, guidelines or agreements to govern their use. Users must adhere to any such rules, guidelines,
or agreements.
Inappropriate Actions. Company does not tolerate hacking and attacks. “Hacking” is any
unauthorized attempt to monitor, access or modify computer system information or interfere with
normal system operations, whether this involves Company equipment or any computer system or
network that is accessed through Company Services. An “attack” is any interference with Internet
service to any User, host or network, including, but not limited to, mail-bombing, ping flooding,
broadcast attempts or any attempt to overload a system to interrupt service. Inappropriate activity
may result in civil or criminal liability. The Company will investigate such activity, and will, as
appropriate, involve law enforcement authorities in prosecuting Users involved in inappropriate
Security. User is responsible for any misuse of Company Services. Therefore, User must take steps
to ensure that others do not use User’s account to gain unauthorized access to Company Services. In
all cases, User is solely responsible for the security of any device User chooses to connect to
Company Services, including any data stored or shared on that device. It is User’s responsibility to
implement and maintain security procedures for User’s network or system. Company is not
responsible for any loss or damaged caused by hacking, attacks and other related activities.

Responsibility for Content. Company takes no responsibility for any material created or accessible
on or through Company Services. Company is not obligated to monitor or exercise any editorial
control over such material, but reserves the right to do so. In the event that Company becomes aware
that any such material may violate this Policy and/or expose Company to civil or criminal liability,
Company reserves the right to block access to such material and suspend or terminate any User
creating, storing or disseminating such material. Company further reserves the right to cooperate with
legal authorities and third parties in the investigation of alleged wrongdoing, including disclosing the
identity of the User that Company deems responsible for the wrongdoing.
Reporting Violations. Violations of this Policy may be reported to Company at [email protected]
Enforcement of Policy. The failure of Company to enforce this Policy, for whatever reason, shall
not be construed as a waiver of any right to do so at any time. User agrees that if any portion of this
Policy is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion will be construed consistent with applicable law
as nearly as possible, and the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect.