Fiber Internet to Americus

S&A Telephone Wants to Solve Your High Speed Needs, But We Need Your Help! We Need to Know How Many Homes In Americus Are Interested in Fiber Fast Internet Speeds. Spread the Word By Telling Your Neighbors! Let’s Work Together in Bringing FiberStream Internet to Americus!

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Benefits of Fiber

  • Fiber Internet Offers Unparalleled Speed

  • Fiber Brings the Stability that Your Business Craves

  • Fiber has Reduced Latency

  • Fiber Connections Are Built with Growth in Mind

  • Fiber is Weatherproof

Fiber Construction Timeline

  • Interest

    Subdivisions and individual residents contact us requesting services.

  • Sign-up

    Choose your package and get early bird savings.

  • Construction

    Fiber infrastructure is built to new area. Drops to customer homes or businesses are buried. Network Interface Device (ND) installed on outside of customer premise.

  • Install

    We contact fiber customers to schedule individual installation based on contract sign-up date.

  • Fiberhood

    Customers enjoy services and an increase in value to their personal property.